Best Skipping Rope Crossfit

A look at what the best skipping rope for Crossfit is.

Hello and welcome to best skipping rope crossfit. If you are a fan of Crossfit or are think about taking up/starting crossfit or joining a box we can help you choose one piece of essential crossfit kit that you will need.

I hear you ask what is that?

best skipping rope for crossfit

Well, based on the fact that you have landed on this page, that tells me you 'google' search for best skipping rope crossfit, so the reason you are here would be to find the answer to that question. There are many different resources and websites that you can use to find out such information. One of the best sites we have come across would be www.bestskippingrope.co.uk.

On www.bestskippingrope.co.uk they have lots of information about what is the best skipping rope crossfit. They also have reviews on the best speed ropes used in crossfit. Speed rope are essential if you are doing crossfit as many of the WODS or workouts of the day will include skipping or jump rope. The main skill you will see used for skipping in crossfit is the double under.

A double under, broken down into it's simplest for is basically when the rope/steel wire makes two rotations while you or the used jumps one, hence the name double unders.

The best skipping rope Crossfit, will ultimately be a speed rope. These usually have either plastic or metal handle, feature a ball bearing moving part & a metal/steel wire rope. The point of having a ball bearing moving part is to allow the rope to spin at a higher velocity making it easier for the athlete/user to perform the double under. The reason why the skipping ropes feature a slim steel wire rope is for a number of reasons:

  • The steel wire is hard wearing,
  • Steel wires is durable and will last a long time
  • Steel wire cuts through the air allowing less resistance

Speed ropes usually have changeable parts. So if for example the wire rope snapped you can easily buy a replacement for this. Replacement skipping rope wires can be purchased from a number of different online stores, but we have found the best quality one to come from a company called gasp fitness. There products seem well priced and come with warranties. There are not many companies that sell skipping ropes which honour a product guarantee or warranty.

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